2-Amino-3-(5-Hydroxy-1H-Indol-3-yl) Propanoic Acid, 5 Hydroxy-Tryptophan, 5 Hydroxy-Tryptophane, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, 5-Hydroxytryptophane, 5-Hydroxy L-Tryptophan, 5-Hydroxy L-Tryptophane, 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan, 5-L-Hydroxytryptophan, L-5 HTP, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, L-5-Hydroxytryptophane, Oxitriptan, 5-hidroksitriptofanas, Окситриптан 5-HTP is the chemical  substance that  human body uses to make serotonin. Serotonin is very important for the normal function of human brain and nerves. It is important for your sleep, pain control and emotional moods, sexual behavior. As 5-hydroxytriptohan increases the synthesis of natural serotonin, it is believed that it may be beneficial in several medical conditions where deficiency of serotonin is playing an important role. This supplement is also used for mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, may help with migraine, headaches, fibromyalgia, PMS, ADHD, seizures and Parkinson’s disease. Human body manufactures 5-HTP from a natural amino-acid L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is found in most dietary proteins. However, eating food with this amino-acid may not always help to rise the levels of 5-HTP in blood significantly. The supplemental form of 5-HTP is made of the West African medicinal plant Griffonia simplicifolia. It is known that serotonin imbalances may occur in people with fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraine headaches. Insomnia is also associated with tryptohan deficiency. Thus 5-Hydroxytryptophan may be helpful in these conditions. It is considered that 5-Hydroxytryptophan may be effective in these conditions Depression Several  clinical studies show that 5-HTP taken by mouth improves symptoms of depression.  Improvement within 2-4 weeks was reached with the doses of  150-300 mg daily. Fibromyalgia It has been fond to  be effective in reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia- such as pain and morning stiffness as well as insomnia and anxiety. It should be taken for at … Continue reading